Saturday, November 23, 2002

Yesterday's DailyLinks from -- include one to the work of another group of education/learning object theorists I've researched and admired which, in turn, contains links to other authors regular readers of this diary may recognize.

This month's Sidebars column -- Published by the Learning Resources Unit of the British Columbia Institute of Technology to support and recognize innovative practice in distributed learning at BCIT, and in the greater educational community -- contains links to object repositories as well as other "primers" on objects, including:

Stephen Downes of the U of Alberta and Warren Longmire of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)

I'd recommend each article to those looking for information on objects and their use in online education.

In the nearly twelve months I've been keeping this blog, I've seen the same names and groups appear time and again. I can see the online community begin to validate and emulate the work of peers it respects.

Because I believe very strongly in the concept -- it's gratifying to see "object" theorists essentially become an 'online self-organizing social system (OSOSS)." The 'net allows authors and researchers to lead by example and one sees the same names being cited again and again.

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