Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Today's link comes to us compliments of Damian Bolton, friend and cube-mate at SMART Technologies Inc.

Damian asked me if I'd seen the Distance Education Clearing House page at the University of Wisconsin -- I hadn't and I thank him for sending it along.

Today's revisiting of the work of "object theorists" I respect led to Norm Friesen at CANCORE. While in looking at what the CANCORE gang had been doing since my last visit I discovered the Building Educational Metadata Application Profiles paper by Friesen, Nigel Ward and Jon Mason.

The paper addresses "interoperability" as it relates to the distribution of objects -- a huge issue for developers -- and is the result of an Australian-Canadian collaboration:

In particular, it provides an overview of metadata implementations for managing and distributing Learning Objects and the practical issues that have emerged so far in this domain. The discussion is informed by examples from two national education and training communities – Australia and Canada

The fact that Damian joined us from Australia in May means that today's post is another example of an Australian-Canadian collaboration. Thanks mate, eh ;-)

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