Monday, April 15, 2002

The Open Knowledge Initiative is really exciting.

I think MIT's captured the "hacker ethic" with this "open source" offering.

"The education wants to be free."

As invigorating as OKI is, not everyone is as enamored with the notion of "free" or "open."

Here's an article I read in Shift magazine on the weekend. - 10.1 - feature - THE PRIVATIZATION OF OUR CULTURE offers a glimpse of the "not everyones" of the world. I think it's tone is more "sinister" online.

This whole "good" and "evil"; "open" and "closed" motif, may be a direct result of recently watching two modern day "morality tales" writ large. I saw both Frailty and Changing Lanes on the weekend.

Frailty was my favourite by far, but be will "disturb" you.

Changing Lanes wasn't too bad either, just that Bill Paxton's directorial debut is better.

Film critic now too!

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