Sunday, February 10, 2002

This post was set to be delivered in twelve hours. As it hits the blogger servers, I hope to be knee-deep poaching powder at Fortress Mountain. After a number of weeks on "made" (shades of the Sopranos over here ... already) snow at COP -- they had the Olympic flag flying today -- I'm anxious to get out and play on some stuff provided by mother nature.

Sunday morning's edit:
So much for the natural powder. The gods have conspired to ensure I shan't be off to the mountains -- looks like COP all over again. Oh, well. Could be that I wasn't riding anywhere.

While awaiting the availability of other participants, I've been to Greg Kearsley's pages to re-read the notes on David Merrill's Component Display Theory . I'm particulary taken with the "recent" changes in the theory -- note the new name -- I'll be attending a presentation by Dr. Merrill the week after next and look forward to hearing how the theory has most recently evolved.
"In recent years, Merrill has presented a new version of CDT called Component Design Theory (Merrill, 1994). This new version has a more macro focus than the original theory with the emphasis on course structures (instead of lessons) and instructional transactions rather than presentation forms. In addition, advisor strategies have taken the place of learner control strategies. Development of the new CDT theory has been closely related to work on expert systems and authoring tools for instructional design (e.g., Li & Merrill, 1991; Merrill, Li, & Jones, 1991)"

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