Thursday, February 14, 2002

I've read No More Teachers, No More Books: The Commercialization of Canada's Schools by Heather-jane Robertson for one of my courses at OISE/UT (CTL 1606S).
Robertson betrays her anti-business bias throughout. I'd have expected nothing less from the co-author -- with Maude Barlow, no less (my own bias may be showing ;-) -- of Class Warfare: The Assault on Canada's Schools.

Near the end of the book she quotes David Noble of York University: "Forced to choose between technological innovation and their own futures, the Luddites had no problem making the choice and acting on it," Noble asserts.

Seems as though Luddites are still having "no problem making the choice and acting on it."

Noble's lecture next week, The Rise and Demise of On-Line Education -- part of the Technology in Support of Learning and Teaching Spring 2002 Lecture Series -- hosted by the Knowledge Media Design Institute (KMDI), "will not be webcast as per speaker's request."

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