Monday, February 18, 2002

02/18/2002 -- Today I attended the following sessions at Training 2002. Titles are bold.

Let's Get Vertical! Wall Games That Teach
· Stephen Sugar
President, The Game Group

· Robert Preziosi
Professor of Management
Wayne Huizenga Graduate School of Business
Nova Southeastern University
[description to follow]

Playing the Inner Game of Training
· Tim Gallwey
President and Founder, The Inner Game; Author, The Inner Game series

As he worked with a tennis client one day many years ago, Tim Gallwey realized he was more committed to his own teaching than to his student's learning. "What do you think would happen if you didn't teach so much?" he asked himself. "Think some learning would happen if you didn't teach?" Sure enough, when Gallwey stopped telling his student what, when and how to play, his student's tennis game improved. Moral: The real teacher is experience, not the coach or trainer. Learn the rules of the inner game of training and coaching from one of its acknowledged masters.

Evaluating Training Programs: Inside the Four Levels
· Don Kirkpatrick
Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin

The four-level "Kirkpatrick Model" is recognized around the world as a practical way to evaluate training's impact. Don't miss the chance to hear one of the field's acknowledged authorities on evaluation describe why and how to evaluate your training programs. Learn about the 10 ingredients of an effective training program and the five requirements for transfer of training from this 1997 Training magazine HRD Hall of Fame winner!

Facilitation Skills for Advanced Trainers
· Elaine McRae
President, McRae & Co.
[description to follow]

The Human Connection: Art, Design and Technology
· Bran Ferren

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