Friday, January 11, 2002

I was doing some looking around on the ASTD's Online Community Web page, and came across the transcript of a chat on e-leanring resources that took place on November 13, 2001. The chat was hosted by Wendy Collins, Director of Multimedia Development at Films for the Humanities & Sciences (FFH). Click here to view the transcript of the chat. Lots of good information and links were included in the chat.

On the question of delivery, Wendy advocates "blended" learning. This means that e-learning should be supplemented with face to face (F2F) learning in instructor-led classroom sessions. The following model was advocated as an example of how this approach might be implemented.

  1. The "Introductory" or "Baseline" learning is broken out as an asynchronous online course.
  2. Next learners are brought together for an instructor-led, F2F session.
  3. Finally a follow-up, asynchronous online session is offered to reinforce learning.

It was also suggested that each of these parts be offered in order and that completion of each step be the prerequisite for involvement in the next.

The following links were offered as resources by those participating in the chat:
Elliot Masie is a legend in the training and development world and his site is a great resource. Jay Cross of calls Elliot "larger than life."

The points raised in this chat echoed those of yesterday's chat hosted by Thomas Toth--online training developers are well advised to incorporate a F2F component in their learning solutions. Many online institutions (Capella and Royal Roads, for instance) include a residency requirement as part of the courses they offer.

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