Thursday, January 09, 2014

obsolete and dead online spaces

If you've played in online spaces for any length of time, much of your content has probably been lost to the vagaries of dead, decommissioned, and obsolete spaces. Be it online course content, or one of the many "free" services that have been shut down over the years, you've probably lost at least a portion of your "artifacts" over the years.

This may, or may not, have prompted you to self-host your content in the hopes of have more control over the fate of your content, but even this approach is not a 100% guarantee of the persistence of your online "stuff."

Then again, you may have bet on the right horse (Blogger for example) and still have access to the stuff you posted a decade, or more, ago.

You can mediate the risk, and help to ensure persistence, by cross-posting your content across multiple spaces; however, if it's truly imperative that your loot persist--you'll want to have local (i.e., offline) and hard-copy versions of that which can not be lost.

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