Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My 501st post

I logged on to make a post here since the one I made with on my cell to see if I still could. (While possible, the difficulty of text-entry from the phone make it less than practicable for the most part. I don't own a Treo or "crackberry" but I imagine thumb typing would be better).

I've just returned from this year's version of the Winterstart World Cup at Lake Louise and I'm here to relate some "learning" I did yesterday. I learned that driving toward the coast in "diminishing" winter conditions can be exciting.

NOTE: A little over a week later I'm back to finish my "501st" post....
Last week ago I learned that the change in road conditions between here; here; and here in a snow/rain storm can be a white knuckle experience indeed.

For more on exploits from the Lake, check out the Flickr and YouTube pages with "artifacts" from this and other years.

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