Thursday, December 29, 2005

Blogging and Community

This blog started in Jan. '02 as a "voice in the wilderness" during my second semester as a graduate student in the Curriculum, Teaching and Learning faculty at OISE/UT. I've recently completed coursework for my M.Ed. and will continue to use this blog to track the learning and work I'm doing in some of the "communities of practice" of which I'm fortunate enought to be a part.

Here's a link to a community of practice here on the south end of Vancouver Island.

Blogging as a medium provides a way into the conversation that's taking place on the web; provided, of course, one has access to the means of communication.

If you're a Canadian citizen reading this post you owe to yourself to go to your local all-candidates meeting and ask your prospective parliamentarians what they intend to do to ensure accessible high-speed internet access for all Canadians.

I had to pay a "recording tariff" on the CDs I bought yesterday to be able to send holiday pictures and video home with departing family members. I'd like to propose that the CRTC impose a similar tariff on telecommunications companies -- with the proceeds used toward development of the infrastructure needed to ensure all Canadians have access.

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