Monday, October 31, 2005

learning with technology

My website is currently down due to a problem with an "upgrade".

I'm working on committee in which we're looking at web technologies for learners, staff and tutors. I've been pushing Drupal as a solution and today in an email it was mentioned that my experience will be valuable with the learning curve as we explore technology options.

Well today I smacked right into the side of the curve today when working on my site.

The good news is that while I'm not enthused by the fact my site is down, I am enthused by the learning opportunity it presents. "Technical difficulties" are a fact of life in online environments. I think the important thing is to be as prepared as is practicable and "roll with the punches" along the way.

I also think that it's important to push the envelop in terms of technology and how we use it. I think technology in general, and blogging in particular, hold promise for giving voice to those who might otherwise remain silent. The asynchronous space provides an opportunity for reflection and contribution that might not be possible in face-to-face environments, for any number of reasons.

There's no question that Participation Engenders Competence and I think this is just as true for educators working with technology, as it is for Konrad's students:
When I think of blogs, I think primarily of what this technology enables my students to accomplish. When I look forward to reading their entries and comments I am really looking forward to thoughts made visible.

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