Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Internet Fraud on E-Bay

This morning, while combing through my daily alottment of spam in my mail box, I happened across a notice that my account at eBay had been suspended due to a problem with my account. Essentially some #$%& who is pretending to be me has been up to no good and hence the account has been suspended.

For the record, I've never used the account and only registered for one, nearly a year ago now, because my buddy Phil and I were looking for NHL playoff tickets.

What I want to know is, how exactly was my account was compromised? The e-mail I received asks me to visit a link and input a number and supply all kinds of personal information. Furthermore, I can't see anywhere to input the "Fraud Alert ID code" they provided in the e-mail advising of the problems with my account.

Let's say that given my experience with a compromised account, I'll not be supplying eBay with any more information than I already have. I recognize that they're probably doing all they can to ensure the integrity of their system, but it will be without any more input from this former customer.

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