Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The learning continues

I'm back with some thoughts on the learning I've been doing in CTL 1608. The more I think about the threaded discussions we have in the classes I'm taking at OISE/UT and the more I compare them to the posts to blogs like this one, the more convinced I am that "persistence" of posts is nearly as important as the content of individual posts.

Indeed, the fact that writings will persist beyond a given course or activity, and are available for "public" display, may mean that I'm more dilligent and thoughtful in preparing individual posts. I may be less inclined to merely "go through the motions" if I know that I, or others, may want to refer to what's been written into the future.

I know that I've come to depend on blog posts as reference tools and I frequently post information and links that I think are valuable to the research and work I'm doing and, therefore, more likely to revisit and reference in the future.

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