Friday, March 04, 2005

The Audioblogging Manifesto

Yesterday and today I've been experimenting with low resolution video. My goal is to make videos that are accessible to dialup audiences, albeit ones with faster connections. Most "stakeholders" of online media will tell you that connection speeds of at least 56 Kbps are needed for access of online (multi) media.

As outlined in The Audioblogging Manifesto muultimedia -- voice and video recordings -- change the dynamic of the online experience. For instance, the "four minutes of your life" MP3 tells us that such "media" posts:
  • are invisible to Google
  • hold the audience captive
  • and deliver content at about 1/10th the speed an accomplished reader can read, let alone skim the content
Notwithstanding all of that. I think that media files have a distinct ability to humanize the 'net. As I've mentioned in this space. Multimedia is worth the effort in terms of "the buzz" it generates. I know this because of the weekly videos Dr. Clare has been posting for our class, although it would be interesting to hear from colleagues with slower connections as to their experiences with the *.MOV (Quicktime) files.

I've been experimenting with Windows Media Video (*.WMV) files in this test video. NOTE: Clicking on the link will begin the video download. Efforts have been made to reduce file size and streaming rates to facilitate "access" by those with slower connections.

Interested Macintosh users who haven't already done so, will need to download and install the Windows Media Player 9 for MAC OS X, or this version for MAC OS 8.1 or better.

Please post comments regarding your video experiences (be sure to include operating system (OS) type and connection speed information, if you know it, otherwise just tell about your experience) by clicking on "Post a Comment" near the bottow of this page.

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