Monday, January 31, 2005

Week 5 Reflections1608

I'm back with this week's question, and my response, to the Week 5 Reflection question for CTL 1608 @ OISE/UT:

This week's questions are metacognitive in nature!! I want you to think about how you approach the reading and resources and use them to make sense of the questions and discussion. For example, do you respond to questions early on and then use the discussion as a stimulus for doing the readings?, or, do you plan your discussion entry(ies) as you read? Or do you read to get a gist of the main ideas then formulate entries based on where the discussion is at that point? or do you have a different strategy? Please describe the strategies that have worked/not worked for you.

I think currency with the online discussion is paramount to my success as an online learner. Ideally I'll have completed readings for the week and have the time available to read posts daily. If pressed for time, I know it's better for me to maintain currency with posts, even if it means I fall behind on the readings.

Unless a reading is particularly good (or bad ;-) I don't usually approach posts with an agenda. I'm much more likely to "wait and see" what direction the mediators are interested in taking the discussion and respond accordingly. I don't have any problem starting discussions (i.e., being the first one to post) but I do prefer to respond to the posts of others.

I really depend on the give and take of a discussion thread or threads to help me with my understanding. I mentioned some of the things I'd learned about my reactions in online environments last week in a post to this forum. I'm certainly one that needs to be involved in order to be effective. (There's that limited attention span rearing its head again ;-)

For me it keeps coming back to the social side of the equation. Unless or until you have a social connection with someone, what's the point of putting up with the inevitable "technical difficulties" that will present and require "work arounds" along the way?

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