Sunday, January 16, 2005


I'm back with more reflections on my learning for this week. Specifically, I'm back to post the question that's been posed to the class for this week in reference to the blogs we're doing for our course.

The posted directions in our "knowledge forum" include questions to "keep in mind throughout the course" as well a specific question for each week.

Here're the general questions:

In what ways is research useful?
To you, to others you work with or to society in general?
What resources or experiences this week (either in the course or elsewhere) helped you to understand the course topics and to make progress generally in your understanding of educationally-related issues? Resources can include books, articles, conversations, web pages, other blogs etc.

...and the Week 3 Reflection Question:
What are your personal learning goals for this course?

I'd like to learn more about synchronous conferencing and how to best use it to support 'net-based learning. I'd also like to work with colleagues to determine how best to introduce new users and get them "up to speed."

I'd also like to make three posts a week to this blog to keep me "up to speed" ;-)

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