Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Golf in Mexico

Hola from Mexico.

Having a great time playing in the surf, pub crawling and golfing.

Yesterday we played the Nicklaus Course @ Vista Vallarta. It's a beautiful track and we enjoyed the round. Special thanks to Angel for his great work as a caddy. It was nice to have someone with local knowledge (this proved especially valuable on the greens) of the course.

Today we're off to play el Tigre at Paradise Village.

A couple of points regarding golf in Nuevo/Puerto Vallarta:

1) Take a caddy when you play -- it'll pay off and help you better enjoy the SUBSTANTIAL investment (i.e. green fees) you've made in your round.

2) Get an early tee time if you can to beat the heat of the day.

3) See #1. Be prepared for a little "sticker shock" in terms of the price of green fees.

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