Monday, December 20, 2004

Golf in Mexico -- Part II

Here're couple of pictures I took last week while golfing in Nuevo Vallarta:

This one of me, Lyle and our caddy Angel I took on the 2nd tee of the Nicklaus course at Vista Vallarta

Thanks to Lyle for getting me out to play this course and for Angel for taking such good care of us during our round.

As I said during the round, Angel's fee ($10.00/player) was the best money I ever spent. He'd take one look at an errant tee shot (there were a few ;-) and immediately tell us whether we were likely to find it, or should reload. He also gave us the line on our putts. This "local knowledge" was especially valuable since neither of us had played the course before.

Here's one is of the mascot at the El Tigre course in Paradise Village.

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