Thursday, November 04, 2004

World Cup at Lake Louise

It'll soon be time to head to the Lake to participate in another World Cup. I've been checking the web cam and it's nice to see a good start to the snow we need to get the races off.

It's always a question of which crew of Ski Louise employees, along with the army of World Cup volunteer course workers, will put in longer hours: the snow makers or the groomers?

From the looks of the pics from the hill, it'll be the groomers who'll be busier this year again.

As of today, they've had 51 cm of snow. That's not quite enough yet, but it certainly is a nice early start to the season.

In fact they're open for business tomorrow, which if not the earliest opening date has to be close.

This year's races mark the first time that the races at Louise are the first of the season.

If you've yet to experience it, skiing in the Canadian Rockies is something you've got to try at least twice.

Hope those in Calgary who might be reading this are already making plans to get some runs in. If you go, send me pictures and I'll post them here.

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