Sunday, March 28, 2004

One of the longer lags between entries for this blog. For those of you who've phoned to complain, sorry for the lack of posts and thanks for your interest.

It's been a busy nearly three-weeks.... School continues to keep me busy. I'm ecstatic about the fact we're using SMART Ideas(R)software to collaborate on our group project this semester at OISE/UT. I'm really enjoying working with Lori and Hafeeza on our project and Ideas continues to be a great collaborative tool for us.

Ideas has fit the bill for our collaboration because it acts as a respository for any attachments we care to add. Our due date is next Saturday (03 April 04) and we are getting close in terms of the model itself. SMART Ideas(R) has allowed each of use to put our stamp on the project, and we're now working out details in terms of formatting and presentation of our content.

We certainly hope to be able to include more multimedia files, for instance, between now that next Saturday.

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