Sunday, September 28, 2003

Been back in town for a couple of days and looking forward to being around for a couple of weeks which has been a rarity of late. Work and school are keeping me busy and it'll be nice to be able concentrate on both without having to see an airport or hotel room for a few days. I really do enjoy all the travel I do for work; however, it can be a little hectic and tiring at times.

I'm really excited by what I'm learning in my Curriculum Foundations at OISE/UT. It's been interesting for me to discover the theoretical concepts behind what I've considered "accepted practice" in the field of instructional design.

While I think it's true that CTL 1000 might be best taken early in one's M.Ed. courseload, it's of obvious value no matter where it falls in one's list of courses (it represents course #6 of 8 required in my case). I'm especially interested in applying these theoretical principles to the design of materials we use at SMART.

As always, watch this space for updates.

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