Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Good news! I managed to register for next fall's section of CTL 1000. Finally. The fall would have been the third time in a row that I had missed a spot. Learning indeed.

Last year I learned that one needs to register far in advance -- Selia, our prof in CTL 1799 -- told us that she's already been contacted by students seeking Winter/Spring 2004 seats in the course.

For the course I enrolled in last night, the calendar instructs students to contact professors by e-mail prior to Aug. 15, 2003 for September classes. After my registration last night, there are two spots remaining. This course is prerequisite for the M.Ed and I was starting to get a little worried about going another year without the course.

Had that been the case, I'd have definitely had to get in touch with the gang at the KMDI and begged to have been their first "Computer Conferencing Course" on-line participant.

Here's a gem of a PDF I found while in looking at the lectures from this year's offering of KMD 1000 Y.

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