Saturday, March 15, 2003

Got some work done this evening. Made some SMART Notebook and SMART Ideas(R) files which I hope to have posted later today. While shopping at google for hits on "SMART Notebook" I happened across some great resources and testimonials on the SMART Board(TM) interactive whiteboard (SBiw)and its supporting software.

Some nice Viewlet and FAQ work done by Professor Martin.

Lots of great resources available at SBiw in the Legal Classroom. I see that Professors Alex Bolla and Ed Martin are also having trouble getting contributors to join their discussion. As I told colleagues in a post to CTL 1799, the only posts I've had to the SBiw "blog" -- linked in the sidebar -- are those which I've prompted F2F and over the phone.

I'll be back with links to the files mentioned above.

Kinda neat that they were developed entirely with our software. Our customers rave about our hardware. Those who've delved into our growing software library, looking for ways to "make it sing," are even more enthused.

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