Saturday, February 15, 2003

!Hola from Mexico!

Nuevo Vallarta to be exact. Landed yesterday afternoon and the sand, sun, food and margueritas have been great. Spent today taking it easy and getting aclimatized. Nice to have to get used to daytime highs of ~85 degrees fahrenheit and bright sunshine, let me tell ya.

Along with this post, I've also had a chance to use the 'net cafe to check-in with classmates at OISE/UT. One of the posts I made had to do with my experience. In essence, the benefits of an interface that is entirely web-based, rather than requiring a client download, became obvious once again.

In essence, if I hadn't been able to connect via the web, I wouldn't have been "doing any school work" this week. Sure I brought my laptop (which has the client in question -- First Class -- installed) but phone rates from our hotel room of $3.50 USD/min mean I'll not be using dialup from the room. Another selling feature of web/HTML-based interfaces.

Picture posts will have to wait 'till we get home for the same reason.

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