Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Two more gems from Down Under I happened across whilst looking for "holistic approaches" "technology literacy" at

Regulars readers of this blog will know that I'm most interested in "social systems" and how learners interact with technology. I remain very impressed with the work on education coming out of Australia.

Chapter Four of The New South Wales Principals' Council's Futures Project White Paper

Holistic co-operative and collegial approaches to learning, thinking and doing will occur in flexible learning environments. These approaches to learning will open up more flexible pathways, expand the range of learning tools and resources to match student needs and assessment requirements.

Recognition of learning by a variety of providers and sources will occur and this will articulate into local, national and international accreditation frameworks.

and the

South Australian Curriculum Standards and Accountability Framework
are both worth a look.

I'd previously read a course post by Dr. Karsten, my prof in CTL 1799, which read in part:

When this course was developed, the idea was to help holistic educators become more expert with computer technology. The focus has shifted now I see, as many of you are already adept technically and want to know more about holistic concepts.

Hence my search terms. I'm really interested in how technology and holistic education work in an online environment. I think the danger of technology for technology's sake in online education is a very real one. What is it you need to do, or what would you like to learn? Rather than what can technology do for me?

I believe strongly in the notion of the 'net as a tool for the constructivist learner and thank the good practioners and theorists of Australia for the implements.

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