Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Another post from Lake Louise.

Today was the first training run for the Women's Winterstart Worldcup Downhill at Lake Louise. It was an overcast and snowy day at the hill and it took some time to complete the training run which consisted of over 60 racers.

Following the training run, the Medical staff practiced the evacuation procedure they'll use to transport racers injured during the race.

Wardens from Parks Canada are slung beneath a rescue helicopter and arrive at incident scenes to provide assistance to "traditional" Ski Patrol personnel, and transport injured racers to further medical attention.

Today's pictures show:

  • the Pilot, Warden and Patrollers preparing for the exercise,

  • the helicopter heading to the "scene," and

  • as well as the helicopter flying overhead while returning with the "injured racer" (in this case a Patroller) and Warden slung beneath the helicopter.

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