Friday, November 08, 2002

Once again I struck gold today in the DailyLinks from elearningpost.

As is usually the case, In search of the perfect e-tutor from Fastrak Consulting, contained more valuable links.

The Learning to teach online (LeTTOL) link is a case in point. The home page for this accredited on-line distance education course is another example of how learners are accessing resources via the 'net.

For me the key is that online educators, trainers or tutors learning and becoming accredited online, means that each will "walk a mile in the shoes" of their students. I know that completing studies toward an M.Ed. online is giving me a new appreciation of the challenges facing online students.

I can also attest to the benefit of being an online tutor. It really is true that you can't fully appreciate a subject until you teach it. I learned this last semester when I had the opportunity to tutor some colleagues at OISE/UT and co-moderate a class conference.

Resources from the Fastrak article.

Links from the LeTTOL site.

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