Friday, February 08, 2002

Here's a recent post I made, and have since edited, to an ICT-based conference I'm participating in at OISE/UT:

I watched Professor Lerman's talk too -- a great webcast by the Knowledge Media Design Institute (KMDI). You're exactly right about the "bricks and mortar" aspect -- Professor Lerman was very clear, for instance, that the OCW Initiative would not replace an "MIT education." He was very clear about what OCW is and is not.

I was especially intrigued by Professor Lerman's notion of the "two-fer" (as in "two for one") and OCW. As MIT proceeds to post ALL its courses to the Web -- a task to be accomplished by 30 - 40 staff "localized" in departments throughout the institution -- each "brick and mortar" course will end up with it's own Web site.

He also mentioned that MIT views OCW as something approaching textbook publishing. I think it was here that he joked about the fact that MIT Press doesn't publish text books.

As you've indicated in another post, this event was the first in a series.I'm looking forward to sitting in on each week's talk -- the line up looks impressive.

I expect that yesterday's webcast will soon be available in the KMDI's ePresence lab's
-- webhost of the series -- archive."

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