Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Today I had the opportunity to attend an online session hosted by Robert Greenleaf of Interwise . I was really impressed with the Interwise interface and the way it works.

The most significant, and new in my experience, is the "push" feature. Interwise "pushes" content to individual clients prior to the session. The "intelligent push" technology Interwise uses checks bandwidth on the individual client's computer and pushes when it can.

Files are stored in an Interwise directory on the C:/ drive of client computers. This ensures that all participants -- no matter how fast or slow -- are able to follow along with the rest of the group. Provided, of course, that they've signed-up for the conference early enough to allow for content to be pushed to clients.

Today's session included Voice over IP (VOIP), streaming video, application sharing and synchronous chat. I was very impressed by what I saw today and look forward to getting to know Interwise better.

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